11Mary Margaret Harrill

1127 West Main Street
Richmond, VA 23220

O : 804-399-2332

Mary-Margaret Wells

Mortgage Consultant | NMLS# 1928522

Mary-Margaret Wells grew up in a military family, so she knows a thing or two about the experience of moving from home to home. She considers northern Virginia her hometown, but moved to Richmond in 2015 to attend VCU. She fell in love with the energy of this city, and around that same time, she fell in love with her husband, Logan Wells. Planted roots sentence?

Mary-Margaret stumbled into mortgage on the marketing side of things. If you know her, you know she can’t help her curious mind. She was more interested in the mortgage process than she was marketing and quickly joined the Cowart Team as a loan partner, ultimately becoming a licensed mortgage consultant. She has helped thousands of families through this process and is excited to help yours!

Mary-Margaret is a passionate person, and you will feel this when you work with her during the homebuying process. Mary-Margaret takes pride in her abilities to relate to her clients and understand their goals when they are going through the homebuying process. She is passionate about helping families not only find their next home, but also setting them up for future financial success.

When she’s not doing mortgages, Mary-Margaret loves spending time with her husband and two pups, River and Storm. She loves to sing and may break out into song at any given point.

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